Saturday, February 20, 2021

How to connect your Porkbun domain to Google Site:

How to connect your Porkbun domain to Blogger:

No problem, you can connect your porkbun domain to Google site instead of blogspot subdomain. It’s so easy. Here I will show how to add main porkbun Domain to the Google site. Let’s go and start:-

First, find the following table info and work as per instruction.

Record Type
This setting doffer for every single blog.
Follow below step to Add this CNAME.
Now, login your account and there you will see your domain name. At the straight last right site of your domain name, you will find a word “Details” [follow the below picture marked by 1]. Click on “Details” and then details will be disclosed. Now Click on “Edit” of DNS Records [Shown the exact edit of below picture marked by 2].  
Porkbun Domain to Blogger

Now a Popup window will be opened. Go down. You will see there some Current Records. From the chart you will found some Delete buttons and click on these buttons and make empty the Current Records. Go top of the page and add some new records as follows:

> From “Manage DNS Records” fill the Type field by selecting “A-Address records” [follow the below picture marked as 3]

> Fill the answer field by [follow the below picture marked as 4] and Click on Add. So one A-Record will be added.

Custom domain to blogger

> Repeat this process 3 times by filling the Answer field by the answer value from the first table.

> After added 4 A-Records, select “CNAME-Canonical Name Record” from type field. Now fill Host and Answer field by the first table’s first CNAME Value. [Ex-www &]

> Now need to add another CNAME Record. But it varies domain to domain. So for this purpose login to your blogger account. Click on setting and find “Custom Domain” option. Click on it and write your domain name and click on “Save”. Now a message will be shown. From there copy a value which is placed after the word “Name” (there are two Name, it’s the last Name)” And placed it to Host field of CNAME Record. And now copy the value placed after the word “Destination” (there are two Destination, it’s the last Destination) and placed it to Answer field of CNAME Record and add it. 

Now all records are added. Wait some times (15 minutes to 24 hours). Ok, Go ahead and Enjoy.

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